Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Of all the cities in the US,

why choose San Francisco to run the Olympic Torch Relay? I know the intention was good because of the largest China Town outside of China, but these are people who have LEFT China. That, coupled with the political insanity that is San Francisco, makes for a real tinder box for trouble. My prediction is real ugliness and embarrassment for the USA. The Olympics are NOT about politics as former President Carter demonstrated when he sacrificed our Olympic athletes entire lives by boycotting the Moscow Olympics because of the Soviet involvement with Afghanistan. Now we have Democrat politicians calling for the same thing. We'll see if history repeats itself. Hopefully not. (Note: this is my hero, Richard Gere, world political expert and Buddhist, passing on his wisdom to other like-minded intellectuals.)

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MWest said...

They should have marched the torch through Memphis on MLK Day. They could have sneaked it right through. Carter admitted our boycott was a mistake. I doubt we'll see another one. I heard an olympic athlete interviewed yesterday who did not get to compete because of the boycott. Boy did they get robbed. Boycotts almost never work.