Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We're celebrating in Minnesota

Today Brett Favre announced his retirement from professional football - again. That's a reason to celebrate if one is a Vikings fan, which I am (most of the time). Number Four had "only" 24 touchdown passes against the Vikings. In other words, he owned us. So, for that reason there is rejoicing in Vikingsland. However, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching him. He started every game for the Pack for 16 years. He threw for a NFL record of TWELVE MILES while achieving other NFL records too numerous to list here. The Packers had an unbelievable season this past year and made a very serious run at the Super Bowl with Mr. Favre carrying the load. Brett is 38 years old and says he's "tired". I believe it - especially after that unbelievable NFC Championship game in frozen Green Bay. We'll miss him, but in Minnesota we have to say, "Whew, glad he's gone."


MWest said...

IF he truly retires, it appears he did while he was on top of his game. He's a winner who compensated for size and an unorthodox throwing style with intense determination.He could knock down his receivers with the velocity he put on the ball. I'm a little tired however of hearing pro athletes announce their retirement and then then try to make comebacks. I remember attending game 4 of the Marlins-Yankees world series in Miami in 2003. I was one of the 65,934 in attendance who gave Clemens a standing ovation as he walked off the field for the last time, honoring him for his twenty seasons of pitching supremacy. You think "The Rocket" would have been better off to stay retired? It sure seems that way.

twest said...

It's hard to believe this scrappy kid from Southern Miss did these fetes! I think it's only appropriate that Warren Sapp retired this week as well. When Sapp was a Tampa Bay Buc all those years they enjoyed the scrap on the field-intense personal rivalry. Great football games