Monday, March 17, 2008

How could Obama NOT know?

Barack Obama has been a member of this maniac's church for 20+ years. Wright married Obama and his wife ("for the 1st time, I am now proud of America") and Wright baptized Obama's children. If I didn't agree with the tone and the words of my pastor, I wouldn't attend his church. I find it VERY difficult to believe Obama was never "in the pew" when Wright was damning America and espousing his racial hatred. Obama is in serious trouble for not distancing himself long ago from this hate and fear-mongering poor excuse of a clergyman .


MWest said...

No matter how silver-tongued he might be he can't explain this away. I heard one commentator try by saying he thought of his pastor as his "uncle."

Lyndsey said...

Scary, huh?