Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Eve, Mike!

I remember very vividly the day Mike came into this world. It was a bittersweet day. My grandma called us downstairs and said, "You've got a little brother!" We were so excited! Then Grandma said, "But he won't be coming home right away." When we asked why, she said, "They need to change his blood." Change his blood? What was that all about? Turns out little Mike was a "blue baby". I still don't understand everything I know about that condition, but for us (sister Kay and me) it meant a week's wait to see our little brother. For a five and half year old, that was forever, but it was worth it.

Mike and I shared the same bedroom for 12 years - like Wally and the Beav. I never considered otherwise. To me it was a privilege to share my bedroom - at least in the beginning. He was such a cute little guy. Wherever I went, Mike went - at least during the W.Va years. Poor kid. The teasing he endured was monumental. My friends had no mercy, but in their own way, had a great deal of respect for the little guy with the huge heart. He was the only kid his age we allowed to play sandlot sports with us. Sometimes that was hazardous for his big brother. You see, Mike had no fear - of anything or anybody. And if one of the big guys was a little too rough with him, he wouldn't hesitate to let them know, which would sometimes require me to get involved in situations I normally wouldn't have.

Today Mike is a role model for me. He has grown into the epitome of a Good Man. He is a Christian and provides an example to us all when it comes to living his life in faith. The support and love he has provided me during tough times could never be measured. All Mike needs to do to see what kind of man he is, is to look at his family. What a beautiful reflection!

Happy Birthday, buddy! Love ya, man.


MWest said...

It's April Fools...none of this is true.
Thanks Rick. We can't wait for you to visit again.

Lyndsey said...

I just had to wipe some tears away. I absolutely love this picture by the way... epitome of dad. In a rocking chair with his Cats attire on and a smirk on his face.

J Dub said...

Yeah, that picture is classic Dad.

Great post. There's a reason I picked him as my best man. Thanks for being the head of a great family. It's been easy for us all to follow your lead.

MWest said...

A Blue Baby - no wonder I love Ky Sports!