Sunday, February 17, 2008

Florida Traffic

I had heard a lot about Florida traffic and none of it was good. As we approached a major intersection in Sarasota, it appeared everything we had heard was true! Turns out a sculptor used automobiles to make HIS point about Florida traffic.


MWest said...

I'm just glad Lyndsey doesn't have to drive I-95 back & forth to work like she used to. Also, I'm very surprised that planning & zoning would allow such a sculpture. On the east coast, planning & zoning and neighborhood associations rule. I don't see them ever allowing such an "eye sore."

twest said...

Sarasota is known to be a little quirky to say the least. This "homage to l'automobile" (I thought French would be appropiate) was preceded by a 20 ft tall red tooth. Not something that resembled a tooth but a perfectly good rendition of a bicuspid (I think). Needless to say when we finished staring at the tooth and came upon the cars vying for the female we hung a quick left and headed north on US41 back to Bradenton