Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Class Act

When Kanye West accepted his award at the Grammys he was a real jerk, rattling on and on about how he was going to be the #1 artist in the world and then he got ticked when they started playing the "hurry up" music. On the other side of the spectrum was Vince Gill. When he accepted the Country Album of the Year award from Ringo Starr, he was in awe and said, "I just received an award from a Beatle!" He then turned to Kanye West and said, "Ever have that happen, Kanye?" to thunderous applause. Mr. Gill's acceptance speech was short, humble, and patriotic. A class act.


MWest said...

I watched a Vince Gill concert on HDNet last night and it was fantastic! His latest album looks to be awesome. I highly recommend catching that concert if you get HDNet on your cable system. Kanye West - I just wish he would change his last name. And how could you forget his famous quote "George Bush hates black people."

Lyndsey said...

I can't stand Kanye... He is so full of himself. But I sure do love Vince Gill-- I still can't have Christmas without his album playing in the background