Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kentucky fan

If there was a doubt before, there is no doubt now. This guy from the frozen tundra has become a true Kentucky basketball fan. Watching Kentucky beat "5th ranked" Tennessee last night in Rupp's House was a joy. The grit and determination the Kentucky players showed was unbelievable. I could tell they believe in themselves and their coach and his system. Patterson's and Bradley's play was truly inspirational. Add to that, the disrespect the "5th ranked" Tennessee players showed for the traditions of Kentucky basketball and Rupp arena by wearing their "bling" during warm-ups made the victory that much sweeter. Congrats to Kentucky and their fans! Go Cats!


J Dub said...

Wow, Rick. That is awesome. Welcome to the club. Being a Cats fan is pretty contagious. I have my share of converts as well.

It's a bit ironic considering there are plenty of Kentucky fans rooting for Minnesota from now on.

Last night's game was so much fun to watch.

MWest said...

Players wearing "bling" earrings, etc. on any athletic field of play in my day would have been called sissies.
I always knew you had that Cat fever in you. I second Justin, it is contagious. Most of time it's a lot of fun but the level of fanaticism is so great, you can set yourself up for great disappointment at times. Just know that going in. Some helpful sources for KY sports info include. - - (a paid subscription is worth it - I use Justin's subscription and feel a bit guilty about it at times)
and Justin probably knows of more but these are probably our most used. Welcome aboard!

Lyndsey said...

I love it!
I have converted Andrew finally, and he sounds about as passionate as you too.

And I agree with dad-- the dissapointment can be very hard at times. Case in point: the Florida game. I went to bed so angry! Andrew found it hilarious how upset I was. I'm usually able to handle it but when it comes down to the gators... nothing can withold my passionate hate against them.

Go cats!