Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giants beat the cold and the Pack

In this part of the frozen tundra, there is a real love/hate relationship between Vikings and Packers fans. Vikings fans love to hate the Packers and vice-versa. But this year when it looked like Brett Favre was going to make another run at the Super Bowl, Vikings fans actually rooted for the Packers. It's like a total solar eclipse. It happens, but not too often. So when the Packers lost, I was actually sad, for about 5 seconds. Then it was back to normal with a part of me thinking, "Awright!" Now my question is, "Is there anyone out there rooting for the Patriots?"

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MWest said...

I watched the whole game; definitely a candidate for ESPN Classic. I too was pulling for the Packers but I'm fine with seeing Eli Manning get his time in the limelight. Plaxico Burress was incredible! I don't even see how you can run in that kind of cold much less catch the ball. That Arizona sun is going to feel great in a couple of weeks. I am pulling for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They have accomplished too much of historical proportions to fall short now. What an incredible historical accomplishment if they end up at 19-0 on the season.