Sunday, December 30, 2007

How about those Vikings?!

I always looked forward to living in a city with a professional football team. I have lived in Minnesota for 28 years. Every single year I faithfully root for the hometown Vikes. And every single year they have disappointed me. This year will be no exception. I would rather they play badly the entire season than do what they did this year. Just when it looked like they were going to make it to the post season by winning just one of their last two games, they choke. Unbelievable. Oh well, there's more important things to worry about - like the New Hampshire primary. (Yeah, right.)


MWest said...

Can you say Bengals?

twest said...

Charlie and I are big Tampa Bay Bucs fans, and although they won the NFC South early they didn't belong in the playoffs - as seen by their performance against the Giants last weekend. Too many injuries